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Kuluntu is Community

Kuluntu provides a way for people to generate money for charity by simply opening a webpage.

Based on community needs, we will create a page for a charitable cause which users can load to mine cryptocurrency, after which the profits can be distributed to the benficiary organisations. This makes use of users spare computing power at little to no cost for the user, but generates exchangeable digital assets that beneficiaries can exchange for cash.


We've made helping a cause easy.


No Installers. No Payments. No Worries.


You know what your browser is doing.

How it Works

The Kuluntu Process.

  • Log On

    Go To Your Site

    Load up your favourite beneficiary site and we will automatically start the process

  • HIGH HO!

    We Mine Some Crypto

    The Miner will use some of your computers resources to mine Monero...
    Right from your browser!

  • Saving

    Token Collection

    All the tokens generated go into one big pot.
    Each beneficiary gets their own wallet!

  • Distribution

    Beneficiaries Get paid

    Once the required threshold is met, tokens are distributed to the beneficiaries who can trade the tokens for cash.

  • It's

Our Partners

Companies Supporting Our Mission.


The Labyrinth

A Labyrinth Limited Initiative



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Our Stack

Technology We Confide In.

The Miner

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More browser mining tools are available at HiverNation.XYZ


The Kuluntu Community Portal

The Kuluntu Community provides a way for users, volunteers and administrators to interact with each other and evaluate the project prospects.

This includes chat and messaging, community recommendations, polls and hashtests for new projects, subsites and local sites.

You can also get hints and tips on using and managing Kuluntu projects from the community.


Engage with Kuluntu.
Make suggestions. Share your thoughts.


Make your voice heard.
Partake in polls and hashtesting

Hints & Tips

Get the most from Kuluntu.
Help others. Give Freely.

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